[Images description: five photographs by artist Sharona Franklin. In them, their gelatine sculptures of animal origin encapsulate natural fibres, medicinal herbs and leftovers of wood, metals and botanical ingredients].

“Healing Methodologies”, by Sharona Franklin

Each dissolving form alludes to the body, dismantling of disability stigmas, and the reality of undermined reproductive rights intrinsic to the use of living cells in the treatment of genetic disease aiming to expand interpretations of ecological symbiosis and disabilities. Animal-derived gelatin encapsulates natural fibers, herbal medicines, wood scraps, metals, and botanicals into bionic constellations. The works invite the viewer with facets of transparency and opacity in otherworldly domestic visions.

Sharona Franklin (b.1987) is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary disabled artist, writer, and activist. She explores radical therapies, cybernetic craft, bio-ritualism, ecology, pharmacological and social inter-dependency. Her visual media practice is archived through social media platforms @paid.technologies, @star_seeded and @hot.crip. Franklin disseminates a mythology of disability, gender, class and bio-citizenship. Through ontological study and utilizing natural, salvaged, biodegradable, and digital mediums, her work invites the viewer into facets of experimental investigations and healing methodologies.