Suutoo creates poetry, music, moving images and artefacts, often activating these facets through ceremonial performances. Probing the poetics of becoming through mythologizing; baring the unfathomable potential of fantasy and how it can inform our realities.

“Where I End You Begin (Episodic Poems)”, de Suutoo

Audio description: This sound piece that Suutoo has realized for Gelatina is a jingle for their debut EP: “Where I End You Begin”. Episodic Poems uses poetry that was written in conjunction to the EP.


Image text transcription

'Where I end you begin'

Mythologized moments, set fire to the relics of hurt.

To burn / Serenity

Letting go / Surrendering


Where I end you begin 

2. 'Swear on my Silver / Angelplay’

the glittering particles seep ouy from in-between every crack in 
your ribcage

3 . 'The old Gods are Falling / Chanting & Cussing'

God is us.


So I breathe through you
Forgetting about me
We share lungs
you see, restrained hearts come undone
Weeping under the sun
The willows shimmer in the wind
This is the beginning