"viaje" + "amuleto", by nadabien

Drawings to open reality and nadabien holding the paper so things pass from one side to the other. like a portal to the hidden forests. imaginaries that are full and empty at the same time. remember to swim so as not to sink into everything that is out there. and drink water or that's what I would do.



[Images description:  two drawings by the artist nadabien. Both have a white background with loose, faded purple strokes (made with acrylic paint for airbrush). The drawings are made with a fine-point black pen and a black pencil.On the first one, “viaje” (”journey”), undefined elements (birds, foliage, divination ball, gems and strange creatures) suggest fantasy worlds. On the second drawing, “amuleto (“amulet”), there is a small lamb having a pleasant sleep on the upper right corner,  below, towards the left, there is the amulet.]